Seedcoin Fund is the first global seed-stage Bitcoin startup fund. The funds in bitcoin raised through this public offering will be invested in a diversified portfolio of international, Bitcoin startups to be incubated by Seedcoin.

Seedcoin is a Bitcoin startup virtual incubator aiming to fund the creators of cryptocurrency related products and services such as exchanges, payment solutions, applications, mobile tech, wallets, and guide them through the first key stages of their development.

SFI aims to achieve Bitcoin-denominated capital appreciation and/or return through investments in a diversified portfolio of startups worldwide.

The startups will earn revenues from different Bitcoin-related services in a variety of geographical locations. SFI unit holders are entitled to receive Bitcoin-denominated dividends indirectly from the startups that have dividend distribution plans.

Funds raised through the SFI listing shall mainly be allocated to the Bitcoin startups and a portion shall be allocated to the management company for its operations and provision of fund management services.

SFI management company is comprised of a team of three members located in Hong Kong, Singapore and London with relevant experience in fund management, venture capital, software engineering, trading and entrepreneurship.

SFI Startups
more information available at: http://www.seedco.in/home/havelock

It is the world’s first Bitcoin only derivative on a foreign exchange style trading platform enabling users to profit from rising or falling market movements.

Cryptopay - cryptopay.me
Bitcoin payment gateway. Simple to use and feature-rich service enabling merchants to accept bitcoins for their businesses.

Hive - grabhive.com
Hive is an attractive, easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet for OS X and Android that features a built-in app platform for merchant discovery. Hive provides an answer to the three fundamental questions: How can I Get, Send and Spend Bitcoin?

The first professional exchange for cryptocurrencies in Mexico.

Monero - Monero.co
Monero makes it easy for e-commerce merchants to accept Bitcoin by integrating existing payment processors to their store. Our free plugins and subscription-based SaaS solution uses sophisticated user-experience design to allow merchants to easily switch between payment processors and to view customer analytics in a well-designed user interface. We target e-commerce merchants that already accept Bitcoin through existing payment processors and merchants in rapidly expanding markets like Latin America.

zSIM platform puts bitcoins on any SIM and any mobile phone for mass adoption.

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