SCRYPT is a hosted scrypt mining project with an initial maximum capacity of 10,000,000 KH/s or 10,000 MH/s of hashing power.

The initial core hardware for the mine will be our custom SCRYPT-X1, based on 28 nm A2 chip of Innosilicon. This device has outstanding specifications and will be one of the fastest available machines in terms of hashing power currently on the market.

SCRYPT-X’s hashing power will represent a percentage of the total hashing power of the entire altcoin network. Currently the network capacity of the biggest scrypt based currencies, Litecoin and Dogecoin, is respectively 207 GH/s and 48 GH/s. SCRYPT-X initial hardware would represent 4,83% of the Litecoin network or 20,8% of the Dogecoin network.

This percentage will decrease whenever the hashing power of the network increases. To mitigate this issue, CryptX will reinvest a percentage of the mine’s net revenue in additional hashing power. This means that as SCRYPT-X continues to grow, each share will, in turn, represent more hashing power. A percentage of the net revenue will be paid to shareholders through a weekly dividend.

Deployment of the first 10,000 MH/s of SCRYPT-X1 miners will start mid-May, 2014. We are very confident about this timing because the miners prove to work and are currently in production.

CryptX will use a custom made scrypt miner, the Scrypt-X1, with a capacity of 85 Mh/s. This miner is based on the 28nm A2 chip of Innosilicon.

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Would it be possible to have Havelock (or Cryptx) release the financial reports from the beginning of the offering to the present? It's fairly standard to have them available to the public.

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