Full Power Asia Investment LTD is a worldwide real estate investment firm. We currently manage and own a rental real estate operation in Central Ohio. We specialize in acquisition, rehab and cash flowing income producing real estate.

We have been in operation as a bitcoin-funded company since June 2013 and have increased our NAV by over 200% since formation.

Our goal is to rapidly purchase and expand our portfolio of income producing properties over the next years.

Our criteria involves evaluating property and only making purchases when they can produce a minimum of 13% yearly returns or higher. This return rate does not include appreciation or market increases.

The median purchase price for one single-family freestanding residential home in our areas of business stands at approximately $37,500. The majority of these kinds of homes will rent for $700 per month to quality tenants that will mostly be in properties long-term. Estimating yearly average tax payments of 2%/yr, insurance of 2%/yr, and repairs at 2.5%/yr our expected median cash-on-cash return will be 13% or higher per property purchased.

Vacancy rates in the Central Ohio area have been mostly low, factoring at better than 4% when properties of all condition and price are factored in. By providing clean, quality rentals we believe we can have a vacancy rate of less than 1% maximizing our profits.

Outside of this direct strategy of purchasing, rehabbing and renting homes by utilizing investor funds, we plan on using leverage after we achieve enough properties to utilize a portfolio loan.

By leveraging properties, we can achieve significantly higher yields over the base 13% threshold. It is our estimate that without leverage our business can produce upwards of $30,000 per month in revenue from a total of 55 properties from an original amount of $2 million. On this amount we expect to acquire $3 million worth of real estate. After acquisition of a portfolio lender, we then could loan out $2.25 million at a monthly interest cost of less than $8,000. This would give our business revenue of $22,000 per month and the ability to buy another 60 properties.

We are primarily a fiat denominated business, however we are currently pursuing negotiations with a bitcoin-only client who is searching for a facility to lease.

RentalStarter pays investors a pre-tax dividend of 30% per month based on net profits. This however is increased for the first year of income on each property to a total of 47% per property. Dividends are paid every month on the 15th.

Un-Audited financial reports will be made available to investors on the 13th of each month for the month prior.

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