Company name: MintSpare Inc.
Parent company name: Virtual Holding Capital Ltd
Company website: MintSpare.com
Ticker symbol: MS
Bitcoin exchange: Havelockinvestments.com
Founder and CEO: Galfry Puechavy
IPO date: January 9th, 2014, 1PM EST

MintSpare provides its customers with a unique and comprehensive electronic purchasing and trade-in service in return for the digital crypto-currency Bitcoin. Motivation for our product comes from the fact that consumers purchase millions of electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and DSLR cameras to either replace their obsolete equipment or simply because they desire to have the latest versions. MintSpare provides an avenue for these consumers to receive Bitcoins for their dated equipment at a fair market value. To use MintSpare, customers simply provide basic information about their electronic devices and are provided with a Bitcoin compensation amount and a shipping label. MintSpare promptly processes all devices received and does required repairs before selling them via various online marketplaces. Besides providing a trade-in process that offers customers a fast and profitable way to earn Bitcoin for their unwanted electronic devices, MintSpare also has a complementary and environmentally friendly recycling service for customers’ electronic devices. MintSpare’s offices and shipping/receiving center are located in Miami, FL, USA and serves customers within the United States and plans to serve international customers in the near future.

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