Big Trends Capital Investment, Limited has entered a consulting services agreement with, Coin Services LLC an an Ohio based cryptocurrency mining company, and hardware reseller, which owns and operates its trademarked “BuyAHash” service. Capital raised from the private placement will be utilized to grow the business in a variety of areas.

We are engaged as a distributor of mining products and a novel mining service. We primarily service retail customers through storefronts such as Amazon, EBay, and our own eStore at BuyAHash.com.

We work together with manufacturers such as BitMain, RockMiner, ZeusMiner, and we have our own factories overseas. Additionally, through using large purchasing volumes, we plan on expanding our own internal mining services, as we are able to acquire electricity for approximately 4c per KWh based out of our strategic location in the United States.

Funds from the offering we will go towards purchasing products and infrastructure related to Bitcoin and altcoin mining, as well as supplies and logistics surrounding the resale and distribution of products in the United States.


Please contact Coin Services LLC at Funds@BuyAHash.com to enquire about purchasing any of the LLC member units. In compliance with SEC Reg. D. 506 exemptions, Coin Services LLC shall provide a Private Placement Memorandum and also requires certain Accredited Investor documentation prior to accepting any offer to purchase membership units.

NOTE: The shares offered here are as a faction of the Havelock Fund and not direct member holdings of Coin Services LLC. While certain rights shall be passed from Havelock to holders, holders are not considered formal members of Coin Services LLC. Should you wish to be a formal member of Coin Services LLC (Parent company of BuyAHash), please contact Coin Services LLC at Funds@BuyAHash.com to enquire about purchasing any of the LLC member units directly.
Restrictions on resale may occur if subscribing to member units directly based on SEC regulations on US and Non US investors.

A great security from the days of litecoinglobal

The company is expanding from mining to mining + hardware distribution

They need capital to buy more hardware as they sell what they order quickly.

IRC Channel : #buyahash

Here is the thread on litecointalk



Thank You :)

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