Crypto Financial a corporation charted for the purpose of providing Fiduciary Financial Services to Individuals, Companies, Merchants, Traders, Investors, NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations that deal with Crypto Currencies.

We plan to launch a new Financial Services company to provide our product and services to the Crypto Currency e-commerce economy. Crypto Currency is an Emerging Global Payment System. We are looking to merge the Fiat Currencies world together with the Crypto Currency world. The secure fast and easy way Crypto Currencies are transferred between customers and merchants will pave the way payments are handled in the future, across city, states and borders.
By being a Licensed Financial Services company we will be able to offer our customers the following services:

1. A Private Individual/Corporate International Bank account
2. Support for more than 30 different Fiat Currencies; USD, JPY, EUR etc.
3. The option for a MasterCard Debit Card with the ability to withdraw funds at any ATM worldwide
4. Several open Exchange platforms to convert Fiat Currency to Crypto Currency

There is currently a gap in the Crypto Currency market where the digital currency meets the fiat currency. Regulation via AML/KYC/SAR have proven that the average Crypto Currency Exchange Company is not equipped nor licensed to provide Financial Services to its customers when it comes to handling their funds. Many Exchanges have not been forthcoming with their Banks and have not informed their respective Banks that they will conduct business as a Money Business Service provider, and once the Bank finds out that they are, the Bank reacts by closing their account, as they do not want to be held responsible.

By providing each customer with their own private separate bank account, Crypto Financial will be able to allow Approved Exchange Companies the ability to open an account with us, therefore allowing Customers, Merchants, Traders and Investors the ability to move Fiat Currency money in and out instantly within our accounts. There will no longer be lag when transferring funds between a customer private bank account and the exchange account. Funds will only need to be transferred temporarily to the exchange account for the purchase of Crypto Currency. Any Crypto Currency sold on the exchange could be funded back directly to the customer’s private account instantly and then these funds may be withdrawn from the account which can be accessed worldwide via a Visa Debit Card issued on behalf of the customer, or other traditional means of fund transfer, ETF, ACH, Swift, Etc.

In essence the Exchange platform will serve our customers when it comes to trading Fiat to Crypto Currency and vice versa, the same way a Stock trading platform company provides the software, but the Financial Services Company (“Broker”) represent the customers and takes care of the regulation side of the business.

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