AlcheMiner is a Taiwan-based company focused on designing Scrypt ASIC Intellectual Property and sales of Scrypt ASIC mining hardware

The company, led by a first-class team with years of experience in Integrated Circuit design, will forge a true powerhouse industry out of the current cottage industry that is Scrypt ASIC mining.

By Combining the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and the high efficiency of Taiwan, AlcheMiner will craft world’s leading-edge miners for crypto currency creators.

Our seasoned engineering team has decades of advanced system know-how and cutting-edge IC design expertise in the following areas:

Successful track record in advanced ASIC miners
Successful track record in ultra-low power designs for mobile applications
Successful track record in ultra-high performance IC designs for super computers
and networking equipment
Successful track record in most advanced process nodes (e.g. 28 nm)
Successful track record in developing advanced ASICs all the way from architecture design, RTL design, physical design, IC fabrication, assembly, PCB layout, and system design.

The AlcheMiner team leverages its in-depot experience to introduce Alchemist, our leading-edge Scrypt ASIC miner, which offers ultra-high performance at ultra-low power consumption (10W per Mh/s) and at great price to miners across the globe.

We invite you to shape tomorrow’s landscape of digital currency together with us.

The Core Team

Our engineering team comes from Mediatek and Realtek and boasts decades of system-level and IC design experience. AlcheMiner’s core team graduated from U. C. Berkeley, National Taiwan University, and National Tsing Hua University.

Chairman & President: Sophia C. Chou
-Successful entrepreneurial track record as a marketing and business development expert in Silicon Valley and Asia, including Altius Solutions (merged with Simplex), Simplex Solutions, which had an IPO on NASDAQ and was later acquired by Cadence Design Systems Ticker Symbol (NASDAQ:CDNS) and Alchip Technologies (listed on the emerging market board in Taiwan).
-MBA degree from U. C. Berkeley; Bachelor’s degree in Finance from National Taiwan University.

CEO: Tom Soong
-Accumulated abundant RTL development experience in Digital TV and Digital Media Player chips when he served at Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
-Successfully facilitated advanced Bitcoin miner IC development project at Alchip Technologies.
-Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University.

English FPGA Model Demo: http://youtu.be/edS8I02a8UI
Chinese Demo: http://youtu.be/HUvSZStKg4s

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